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Here’s Why You Should Consider Wearing Fun Socks With Prints

How do you feel about your socks? Depending on how you look at them, socks can either be a necessity- in which case a white pair does good – or a means to showcase your individuality and personality. It might seem a lot to gulp in one go, but a new study elaborates on how your choice of wacky printed socks speaks about you and also about how people perceive you. Here’s how.

Your socks are a window of opportunity to show off your potential

As humans, we are accustomed to conformity and it is how a majority of us live our lives. Our need to be a part of the pack runs deep in our cultural evolution and shows in the way we speak, act, and dress.

Anybody who decides to remain estranged from these norms is seen as strange, weird, and crazy. However, socks are an entirely different game. Socks remain hidden under your trousers, unassuming and most secretive. Socks aren’t the most obvious clothing item but carry a huge potential to show off a flash of your individual personality to people who happen to notice.

Your printed socks add to the “First Impression”

A study from the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that people with non-conforming attitudes are viewed as being more competent and observed to carry higher social status with respect to others who succumb to social norms. In simple words, People will tend to see you as more competent, creative, successful, and progressive. Bright-fun socks become your expression of your deliberately rebellious and proud attitude towards life.

Printed socks display your fun side

People wear colorful-fun socks as an illustration of their personality… or lack of. Printed socks for men expose your fun side by revealing tidbits of your intriguing and innovative personality. If you struggle in showing off your individuality- let your socks do it for you.

Embrace confidence

As soon as you decide to unleash your unique personality and gather the courage to do so, confidence begins to drive your attitude. The choice to wear whatever you like and the confidence to carry it aesthetically makes you feel good about yourself.  You are more likely to take braver decisions and try new things if you begin to embrace new rebellious clothing.

Give life to simple outfits

If you feel that your outfit could use a little pop, then a pair of funky socks is all you need to look for. A unique pair will add some life and energy to the rather simple look. Choosing the right pair is the key and it will either make or break your outfit.

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