We are “Sock Republic”, a socks startup striving to be the best socks brand in India offering premium quality funky socks with 100% customer satisfaction. We believe socks should always lighten up your day and bring a smile to your face. Our purpose is to make people happy by bringing color to their lives. We are offering socks online as a style statement, with a high level of quality and comfort, to an otherwise boring socks community. As a unique socks startup in India, we vow to bring color to your muted sock drawer and to your life with our socks adorned with quirky designs, crazy patterns, and fun prints. We promise your online socks shopping experience will be one of a kind!


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When we design socks, we put all our creativity and soul into the process. We take inspiration from the nature around us, we borrow designs & patterns from the trees, from the sky, from the flowers and the birds, and we add our own vision and let our creativity fly. And we take pride in our results as they are the reasons for the smiles and the satisfaction of our lovely customers.


We stand by our products with all our pride as we put their quality above all else. We want to offer our buyer the highest quality and the most interesting designs they could find on the Indian socks market and that’s what makes us the top socks brand in India.

   One of our successful lines of socks – “Funky Bamboo Blend Socks”, were created especially for men with the Indian climate in mind and how it affects the comfort of your feet. Our men’s socks combine a unique fabric blend that provides a soft and moisture-relieving effect to the feet. They contain the highest proportion bamboo that fights against feet sweat and fibers of cotton and spandex to ensure comfort and durability. The idea for these funky socks for men came from our founder Ankur, a family man, who in his work travels through India, had struggled with finding the right socks that will prepare his feet for the hot and humid weather. So, instead, he created them and took it upon himself to solve his problem with feet sweat and help millions of men in the process.

    We offer a variety of patterns in men’s socks for different moods, shoes, and occasions. Business style or casual style, night-out, or date-night, we have an option for every need and time. We have cute printed socks options for women too, that are made from soft, premium quality combed cotton, crafted more appropriately for sensitive types of skin. Our products are fun, reliable and we stand by it with all our hearts. We offer you our full support and comprehensive customer service that will answer your every question and put to rest any doubts you might have.


   Our name comes from the country that stands as the birthplace of our brand, The Republic of India. “Sock Republic” is a name that brings homage to our country and is inspired by the continuous progress we keep making as a nation. We use that as our inspiration to follow a road of progress and innovation and our products will keep getting better and better just as our country will.


Hi, I am Ankur, a family man who launched himself on a career road towards revolutionizing the Indian sock fashion. My background is quite different from my current dream – I used to work as a digital consultant, and I have an education in engineering. I founded “Sock Republic” to express my creative side by solving practical issues with our socks and bring smiles to people by adding color to their attire and their lives.

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