Shop for socks wasn’t a big thing a few years ago in India. Socks were just socks! They were all either small, big, black or blue and they all looked just the same. Fast forward to 2017, socks have evolved just like our apparel. they are pure fun, they are cool & stylish, like a fashion statement and they are now filled with all kinds of colors, designs, & patterns.


Hi, I am Ankur, an average looking happily married guy, an electrical engineer by qualification and a digital consultant by choice! Not so long ago, I founded a sock startup with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the sock industry in India. Why Socks? You will get to know if you will follow my quick story.


I have always been picky with my socks as I sweat all the time and so do my feet. Of course, that’s nothing new as a lot of Indian men do sweat, thanks to the stressed, hot and humid weather across most part of our country. Fabrics like polyester, polyamide, nylon and similar synthetics were strictly a no-go for me and I always looked out for pure cotton or 100% cotton socks, just like a normal guy would do to avoid the sight of embarrassment due to stinky, smelly feet. Believe you me, I never was available to figure out a big difference other than a fair share of breathability.

In the year 2016, I came across an article about “Bamboo Socks”, claimed to be the best socks for sweaty, smelly feet and that they are extremely comfortable on feet too. The article claimed at the same time that pure cotton or 100% cotton socks are not the solution to sweaty feet and that they do absorb the moisture from the feet but don’t wick it away, making the feet (and the socks!) smell over time. The article also claimed socks blended with bamboo and cotton are the best for sweaty, smelly and sensitive feet.


Being a digital consultant I am a firm believer of credible internet resources. I thought of giving the socks a try and ordered a pair of bamboo blend socks (40% bamboo + 40% cotton + 20% spandex) for A$18, from an Australian brand online, also paid 8A$ for shipping & customs and was then left waiting for so many weeks. One thing to mention here that I could only opt for funky and colourful socks, like socks with a bright & bold pattern, something that was completely against my dressing sense!

Finally, the day came and the socks arrived! What should I say? Man, the socks were an absolute delight. There was definitely something different about these socks and my sensitive feet loved them too. Most importantly, the socks were love at first sight! I mean I literally overlooked the fact that socks are meant for the feet and not for the eyes in the first place. I could feel the vibes of colours displayed on the socks every time I had them on and I hated my sock drawer to have just one pair of them. I knew those were the socks I had long been looking for and I know now these are the socks hundreds and thousands of my sweaty-feet bros need! I truly enjoyed those socks for a very long time, until my 8 months old lab puppy “Bingo” swallowed them up one evening (He has a true love side for colors) and pooped them out the next.


I thought this was my chance of giving back to my society. As I was done with my groundwork (the research!), without giving a second thought, I started looking for a manufacturer who can blend my socks my way (50% Bamboo Fiber + 35% Soft Combed Cotton +15% Spandex) and by the grace of God, I found my angel manufacturer in less than a month. Fabric – Check!

Thanks to my first pair of colourful socks, I clearly understood the “Sockology” that colors are the ingredient that brings socks to life and life to socks. I knew what I needed to do next and I got in touch with a couple of textile designers, worked with them day-n-night to carve the funkiest of sock designs I could think of. Design – Check!

There I was on my way to launch nation’s only “funky bamboo blend socks”.

By the month of January 2017, I had the stock and the logistics in place and I was all set to launch an official website, but wait, I wasn’t able to figure out the “Brand Name” yet??


I still remember that usual & lazy evening on a Sunday (22nd of January, 2017 to be precise) when I just had one thing on my mind, what should be the brand name of my socks?

The closest I could think of is the “Indian Republic Day” and another way I could dedicate my socks to the nation will be a relatable name, hence the name ‘Sock Republic’. I bought the domain “” in the next moment and the brand’s website was officially-unofficially launched on January the 26th, 2017!


Sock Republic is a contemporary brand of fun & colorful socks for men and women in India. We believe socks have to be both stylish and comfy and we are proud to offer India’s 1st “Colourful Bamboo Cotton Blend Socks” for men, as healthy and stylish as socks can get!

Our socks for ladies are overloaded with cuteness and are made with soft combed cotton to provide an optimum level of comfort to the feet.

We promise our socks will be one of your best buys, if not the best and in case something out-worldly happened and you are not happy with your socks (will never happen!), just hit us up with an email and we promise to make it up to you!