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What’s Up With The Mismatched Socks Trend?

When the days get warm, sandals take the spotlight and by tradition, it usually means you can do away with your socks. But, thanks to the changing trends in fashion, ordinary socks have also evolved into cute socks. You can now wear them with your sandals or even wear mismatched socks.

The Trend of Mix and Match Socks

You have indeed seen those mismatched earrings at many runway fashion shows for the spring and summer seasons. The trend of mix and match goes beyond baubles but those who don’t really like the idea of wearing matching socks have long been putting on mismatched socks way before this has become a cool and popular trend.

The only difference is that these days, wearing mix-and-match socks has become more acceptable than it used to be years ago.

Now, you might be wondering why some are not that fond of mismatching. Well, it might be because of the inclination to traditional social norms and aesthetics. It can also be due to peer pressure or some might just be too lazy or busy to mix and match things.

life and lemon mix-n-match ankle socks

How to Pull Off the Mismatched Socks Trend

Mismatched socks can defy symmetry’s beauty and are also an excellent way of making a statement, not to mention that it saves you time sorting your pile of laundry.

If you treat your socks as individual entities, you will be able to make the most out of your abandoned socks and match them with another abandoned one.

There is also no longer a need for you to get a new pair each and every time. All you have to do is go through your current collection to come up with new and more exciting combinations.

However, unlike matched socks that are no-brainers, mix-and-match ankle socks will require some sense of fashion and a bit more effort on your part.

Bee-utiful mix-and-match ankle socks

Here are a few tips to help you pull off the mismatched socks trend:

  1. To help you get started, shop for several pairs of low-cut socks with the same colors and design such as red and brown or black and navy. You can try wearing the mismatched pairs under dresses or long pants first so you can get a good feel of them.
  2. Once you get used to this idea, you can start wearing miniskirts or shorts to show off your mismatched pair.
  3. You can also make your mismatched socks the main centerpiece of your everyday outfit by wearing some brightly patterned thigh-high or ankle socks. Sock Republic has a pretty unique collection of mix-n-match socks like bee-utiful socks, life-n-lemon socks & one-in-a-melon socks.
  4. You can also go for socks that can be a good conversational piece such as cat and fish or rabbit and carrot.
  5. Make sure you avoid wearing socks with different styles or lengths such as argyle and lace because it will just be downright weird.
One in a melon mix-n-match ankle socks

Mismatched socks are no doubt the hottest fashion trend that rose in popularity these days. As people discover the beauty of mix-and-match socks, it is safe to say that this is a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.

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