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5 times celebrities nailed it with funky socks

Celebrities have a clear hold on our fashion trends and sense. We all love to take inspiration from our favorite celebs and flaunt it too. Well, no matter how much we adore their fashion sense, when they experiment with something funky, especially a pair of funky socks, it is irresistible.

Quirky and colorful socks may not look like a defining accessory but guess what, they are! No matter how much we ignore it, when a pair of cool, funky socks peeks from beneath your pants, you cannot help but love it! You can go for amazing printed socks, or creative and unique bright-colored, funky socks, they will surely make your outfit so much more FUN!

So, here are some drops of inspiration for you from your favorite celebrities who made a show of their outfit just with a pair of funky socks! Go ahead and read on and try these for yourself!

  1. Snoop Dogg

Our favorite rapper and also a dynamic entertainer wore the coolest marble print socks in of his posters, and you cannot deny that this looks beyond amazing. The socks are way different than his overall outfit but still, the look is so great and also easy to pull off. You can easily buy funky socks online in India at much more affordable prices and in so many variables as well.


  1.  Justin Bieber

Every teenager’s dream singer and heartthrob of so many in the world, Justin Bieber pulled a blast by flaunting his amazing outfit with a pair of pink striped socks that looked so attractive. Striped socks are always a fun way to mix formal wear and if you add a bright color, then it looks so much better too.


  1. Vicky Kaushal

The dusky heartthrob of the Bollywood industry, Vicky Kaushal seems really fond of colorful pairs. He has been spotted a number of times in simple yet stylish attire flaunting some really cool and colorful pairs. We totally believe it might be his favorite game to date and so is ours. Isn’t it? So why not take inspiration from him and make your outfit outstand others!!


  1. Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is known to be the master of experimentation when it comes to fashion and styling. How can he be left behind when it comes to experimenting with socks as well? He was spotted wearing amazing colored funky socks with big circles on it at an award function. The color was so unique and the overall emphasis that the socks made on the outfit is truly some real-time inspiration.


  1. Ellen DeGeneres

The most popular TV show host, Ellen is a fashionista from the very beginning. She ruled the show with different types of socks all through the season of her various episodes. Well, this is what we found to be the best. The striped black and white socks look way too cute and the best part is that they go with every look ever.


With that said, hope you take inspiration from these looks and try them on their own. India now has so many online socks brands, so buy socks online in India and have fun experimenting and adding funkiness to your outfit with funky socks!!


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