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Top 5 Ways To Rock On With Printed Socks On!

Have you ever underestimated the influence of socks on your dressing sense?  Well, a pair of cool printed socks in different lengths and colors can bring out a whole new dynamics in your dressing sense and make it far more attractive. So, if you find socks only a way to cover your feet, your opinion is about to change. Here are the top five ways to rock your look with a pair of printed funky socks for men and use them as an accessory.

Polka dots never go out of fashion

We wear polka dots on our dresses, shirts, bottoms, and even our ties. Why leave behind our socks for that matter? You can style polka dot socks in with almost every kind of dress and look beyond trendy. They look quite unique and the best part is that they blend with your dress too well. So if you want to stand out in the crowd polka dot socks are absolutely recommended for you.

Formal attire calls for formal socks (Nah!)

Who made the rules? Well, learn to disagree once in a while and go wild with your choices. There is no compulsion that you have to wear black and white socks with your formal attire. Try a red-black chequered pair of socks this time, and steal the attention of the show. Experiment with your color choices in socks and choose the brightest colors to make your formal attire go WOW!

Go ahead and get yourself some designer socks for men and once you do, there will be no looking back for sure.

Long printed socks with sports shoes scream PERFECTION

Usually, boys tend to avoid socks with sports shoes.  Well, that is way too uncomfortable. For a change, wear a pair of crew length socks with your sports shoes. Not only this makes your time on the field comfortable but also men with socks and shorts look great so you got a chance there (winks)!

Get nostalgic with a vintage game theme printed socks

Trying printed socks for men can truly bring out the fun in your overall dress. You can go with socks that have vintage game themes, like Pacman & Tetris on them. Choose the ones that have your favorite ones and it will keep you and others entertained all day too. These socks look way too cute and add a lot of zeal to your attire on the whole.

Stripe printed socks go a long way

Every man out there must have a pair of striped socks. Striped socks look so stunning even with formal and informal dresses. They bring out a good combination with almost everything and also look quite appealing as well. Striped socks also come in handy as men’s dress socks too because you can wear them with a formal suit as well.

These are the top five ways in which you can make your overall look way better with just a mere pair of socks. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and lengths and prints. Go ahead and have all the fun you can and rock your socks as much as you can!!

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