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Sock Drawer Organization Made Easy

Do you aimlessly spend minutes and minutes to find the right socks to wear to work every morning? Do you struggle in organizing your socks drawer or closest? Is the one pair of your socks always lost when you need to wear it? Do you want a quick and easy way to sock drawer organization that is not time-consuming? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. Socks are that part of your clothing, which is the trickiest to organize. Here, we have sock drawer organization made easy for you through easy step by step techniques to follow.

Have you considered decluttering:

If you cannot find the right socks in your drawer and you find socks that are unwearable, you should consider decluttering.  Organizing and decluttering are synonymous. You cannot organize your sock drawer unless you remove the socks which are unwearable. Firstly, remove all the socks from your drawer. Pick each pair of socks and evaluate its condition of wearability. This way, you will separate the wearable and unwearable socks into two piles. Now, you can take the wearable socks ad to organize them further.

The sock drawer organization through the types:

Do you often buy socks online and you have different types of socks for different shoes? You can divide the socks based on their style and color. This way, you can find them in the dark as well.  You might have old socks that you wear at home, whereas other socks are for jogging and the ones you wear to work. All of them should be stored separately in your drawer to organize the sock drawer.

The folding methods:

There are multiple ways that you can choose based on your ease and clumsiness to decide which way is the appropriate one for you.

You can fold the socks in different methods. If you have made separate compartments in the sock drawer, then the method of simple folding will work for even the clumsiest person. Simple folding is to place one sock over the other and simply fold it in half. Now put it straight in the drawer. You can also use this method without compartments as well.  Simply place the folded socks in the drawer.

The second method is military-style folding. You have to place the sock over the other and start folding from the toe side to upwards. When you reach near, fold the remaining part form upwards to the folded part. It will create a tiny pillow shape of the sock. It is extremely effective in organizing your sock drawer.

The third method of sock organization is the easiest. It is better than the simple folding method. Keep one pair of socks over the other and tug the cuff of one sock over the other. You can fold the socks in half or leave them just like that.

If you find all the above methods difficult and need the easiest of all, you can try the Inside method. Just take one sock and place it inside the other. This way, your socks will never get lost inside the drawer, and they will always remain organized.

Placing method:

If you are extremely clumsy and while picking one sock, you may ruin the sock drawer’s whole setting, then you need to make separate compartments in the drawers. Making compartments is very easy. Just take a hard chart or packing material and cut it to the size of the drawers. Create squares by cutting the long strips in the drawer and place them horizontally and vertically. This way, you will create small compartments in your drawer.  Place the different types of socks in these compartments. You can also order sock organizers or separators for the drawer to organize your drawer.

If you are very clumsy, you can place the socks based on their size. The no-show socks, which are the smallest in size, should be placed separately from the stockings and ankle socks. You can also keep your socks lying straight in the drawer or put them standing; however, that would depend on the type of folding method you have followed.

How often do you need the organization of the sock drawer?

Never delay what you can do in the first place just because you are lazy. Every time you do the laundry and place the socks in the drawer, you need to organize your drawer. Do not place your socks randomly in your drawer for them to be organized later. However, decluttering should be done at least after every 4 months. Stay organized to find your favorite and desired socks in a split second.

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