Compression Socks (All-Sports Athletic Socks!)

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COMPOSITION: 80% Recycled Polyester + 15% Combed Cotton + 5% Spandex

WASH CARE: Cold machine-wash inside out, avoid dryer, do not bleach, do not iron.

DELIVERY: Dispatch in less than 24 hours and delivered in 1-5 business days to any location across India.

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Compression Socks Size Chart

Compression Socks SizeUK Shoe Size
S 4 - 8
L7- 11
What Makes Our Socks Special?


Whether you are an athlete, a football player, a basketball player, or someone dealing with daunting foot pain, compression socks for men & women help with the proper blood circulation to the feet thereby boosting the athletic performance as well as lessening the foot pain.

What are compression socks?

Compression socks are often snug fits and stretchy socks with tight points that squeeze the foot gently around ankle and calf where the foot needs the maximum support while on a run.

Who needs these specialty socks?

  1. People with circulation problems or diabetes.
  2. Those who have recently had their surgery.
  3. People who have a hard time moving their legs.
  4. Millennials who have a standing job and are always on their foot.
  5. Athletes, runners, cyclists, football & basketball players.
  6. Pregnant women.
  7. frequent flyers and pilots

What do they do?

The gentle pressure applied by these socks at certain points on your leg helps blood vessels work in an efficient way. The arteries that take oxygen-rich blood to your muscles can relax, so blood flows freely. The veins get a boost pushing blood back to your heart for better circulation.

Why buy compression socks online?

  • With a unique toe, calf, and ankle support technology, these are specially designed compression socks available online only on Sock Republic.
  • Moisture absorbing and moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Breathable fabric for the most active feet.
  • Antibacterial fabric to keep infection and odor at bay.
  • Cushioning soft fabric for a higher level of comfort.
  • Handstitched comfort toe and firm heel for a seamless fit.
  • Extreme durability & “Value for Money”.

Why Sock Republic?

Sock Republic is dedicated to making the finest quality premium socks for men & women. From funky designer socks to minimal no show socks & performance-boosting athletic socks, we offer everything on the same platform. Our compression socks for men & women make the perfect gift for your fitness conscious friends. Choose from a socks gift box, socks gift pack, and socks combo to surprise them.