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How To Keep Your No Show Socks From Slipping

No show loafer socks are great if you are not that fond of having your socks peek above your shoes, keeping your feet safe from sores at the same time. But, while they are great to wear, one very common and somewhat annoying issue about no show socks is that they tend to easily slip down your heels and form into an uncomfortable bunch under your feet. Turns out, keeping your no show socks from slipping is a draining task. So, what causes socks to slip down in shoes?

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If you are sick and tired of constantly trying to pull up your no show socks and ankle socks all day long, here are some tips to help you put an end to this “socks slipping in shoes” problem once and for all.

  1. Pick a Good Fabric

The fabric of your no show socks plays a big role in whether they will slip down or not. It is best to go for thin socks with smooth fabric when wearing heels, loafers, or ballerinas. For shoes with more coverage like casual shoes or sneakers, choose woven socks that can keep up with regular physical activities.

  1. Choose the Right Size

Any kind of shopping always requires the checking of sizes and all the more so when no show socks are concerned. Make sure that you look for socks that are a perfect fit for you or go well with the shoe size you are wearing. Obviously, there will be no slips if the socks fit you perfectly.

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  1. Coverage is a Must

Another important thing you have to consider before you shop for no show socks is to look for one with the least coverage. After all, no show socks are meant to be properly hidden in the first place. However, socks with too low coverage will have more tendency to slip down. The secret here is to wear socks based on the type of shoes you are wearing. Make sure that you allow more coverage for your socks.

  1. Inspect the Silicone Grips

Silicone grips are responsible for making sure that no show socks can have a better grip on your face. If the silicone grips are better, the hold on your feet will also be better. Thus, make sure that you check these grips when you buy no show socks.  If your socks don’t grip your feet firmly, check if something is stuck on the grips. See to it that the groups are also dry and clean all the time. Try not to apply lotion before you wear your socks since this might only cause slipping.

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  1. Avoid Low-Quality Socks

Always take as much time as you can when buying new no show socks. Grabbing the first pair that you see will only leave you disappointed.

  1. Buy a New Pair When It’s Time to Do So

Whether you like it or not, even the highest quality no show socks will wear out soon. Weaker silicone grips and reduced elasticity are both common issues. If you feel like your socks already started to bunch up inside your footwear, make sure you get a new pair right away. You can buy socks online at Sock Republic.

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Remember these tips to keep your socks from slipping and enjoy your no show socks to the fullest!

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