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Designer Socks To Add Funk & Quirk To Your Office Look

Over the years, socks have evolved just like our apparel. They are now a complete fun package that’s full of colors, designs, and patterns. These socks limited to just your casual outfit These are designer socks that are bold and quirky, but are ?

How do you choose your pair of socks every morning when you are getting ready for work? Though most Indian men don’t care, a number of them look for one that will match your pants, right? This is probably the number one rule of thumb that many men follow. Black pants go well with black socks and grey pants complement white and light socks. Things are as simple and straightforward as that.

But, isn’t that too boring?

Sock Republic is here to change the notion around socks for men in India. Socks today have evolved in many fun and exciting ways that men go beyond the usual match and wear rule at formal & casual events.

Funky designer socks is the latest trend right now and we have an awesome collection of colorful socks for men. But, before you go ahead and purchase your favorite pair of socks, here is a bit of sock advice from our experts.

Best Times to Wear Bright Socks?

  • When you are wearing a simple and plain outfit

Multicolored designer socks can easily transform a simple outfit into an interesting and eye catchy one. These socks are perfect for those days when you step outside your house wearing your collared shirt and khakis or your good old T-shirt and jeans ensemble.

  • When you wish to experiment with different colors

Try to show off your skills in color coordinations. Like complement a pair of funky socks for men with a more subtle outfit, ideally with a sports jacket, sweater, pocket square, or the jacket’s pattern.

  • When you have plans to take off your shoes

There are instances when you need to take off your shoes, probably when you want to relax your feet. Of course, no-shoes occasions cannot be planned all the time but once they happen, take the chance to show off your fascination for colorful socks.

These are only three of the best situations where you can show off your brighter part. But, if there is one perfect time you should wear these funky socks, it is when you feel like wearing them!

And if you are a first-timer to funky socks, here are a few simple suggestions from our experts to follow.

When in Doubt, Stick with Classics or Argyle

Men who have been used to going by the rule can try to start first with something a little less crazy. You can try to go for the classics such as argyle, paisley, and striped. You can also opt for socks with not more than 2-3 colors in them.

Try Coordinate

Coordinate and match are two completely different things. There is no need for your socks to match with some clothing items. Instead, when you want to match things, think of colors that will be able to go well together. For instance, pick a color from the pattern of your T-shirt. Choose bright colored socks in the similar shade to go with the tops, rather the bottoms.

Consider Contrast Levels

Whatever you choose to wear, see to it that you consider the contrast levels. If you want to wear a low or subtle contrast color on the upper half of the body, it is not a good idea to wear a bright and eye-popping color for your lower half. See to it that you maintain this contrast between your shoes and trousers in the same way that you do it for your jacket and shirt.

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