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5 Ways For Men To Be Uber-Cool With Their Socks!

Men’s wardrobe is very picky and compact as compared to that of women. It is a general fact that men do not have as many accessories and styling agents to improve their looks as women do. But what with the few already existing accessories, most men fail to style them properly. When it comes to socks, in a mundane habit of picking up only black and white, most men always forget the fact that there are a lot of options that can actually present them as more stylish and change their whole look. Here are some five methods by which men can accessorize their socks and get stylish with them:

Determine the length of your socks

There are three different-length socks available in the market. According to the dress code and cloth type, one should select the length of socks that will look good. If you are a no-socks kind of guy, loafer socks will your best pick. Now, if you don’t want much socks up your foot or if you are more into showing off your shoes, go with the low-cut ankle-length socks that do not show out of your shoes. This will help keep the focus on your sneakers. The crew-length socks are a universal choice perfect for parties, offices, or events. The over-the-calf socks are a bit outdated but a great choice for special occasions.

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Play with colors of socks for men

When it comes to buying socks, men will pick up the most boring black or white one and, without even considering anything else, will buy it immediately. While black and white socks look very formal and tonal, they can be a bit boring at times. For parties and casual events, black or white socks are a big no. Even for office use, you can buy socks of other earthy tones(brown, gray, navy blue, off-white, tan, etc.) that do not pop out but bring a hint of style to your look. Funky socks for men are the current talk of the town and also a great option to improve the look.

Choose socks for men according to the dress

For the hundredth time, socks should not match the color of your shoes. Most men simply fail to register this fact and make a huge fashion blunder. Contrasting colored socks are the real cool socks for men, a good way to assert your style among a group of men who are clad in boring black-blue suits with common-colored socks. Bright colors go well with dark clothes and vice versa. Some socks are also determined by the type of season. For spring, light-colored socks work particularly well, while for winter, dark-colored ones suit more.

Try patterned socks for men

What is with men and their solid-colored socks while the market is filled with designer and colorful patterned socks? Do men like monotonous socks so much?  Most designer socks for men are made with amazing patterns and designs that instantly add a dash of style and change your whole look.

Always focus on the appearance

One of the golden rules of wearing the correct socks for improving your style is to pay enough attention to their condition. A proper dress sock should not have any visible holes or scratches and most certainly should not keep sogging down throughout the day. This is a major turn-off for your overall look. These are the pretty basic rules of socks but majorly ignored ones.

Looking for the perfect pair of socks can be as difficult as looking for shoes. Do not take it otherwise and pick up any black/blue/white/brown sock that you see hanging from a shelf at Target. Think before you buy and invest some effort to improve your style.

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